22 February 2014

How to order Columbo Screenshots

Since the TV show Columbo is well worth watching - to say the least, I'd like to encourage you to buy the dvd box set containing all 69 episodes.

This blog is about showing screenshots, not about selling them. However, in case you only need a few Columbo Screenshots, as a service my Columbo Screenshots, as shown at this blog, are available for purchase.

Any single screenshot, without the annoying watermarks, can be obtained for a handling fee of one US Dollar (US$1) or one Euro (€1) each.

Please use the Donate button, available in the left side column of every blog page, to transfer your money. Seperately please send me an e-mail containing the filename(s) of the Columbo Screenshot(s) you require. Please specify the title of the episode and the filename.

In general the Columbo Screenshots will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.

Please note that the quality of the purchased Columbo Screenshots are "as is", meaning equal to the captures as shown at this blog.

This special service does not mean to interfere with legal issues regarding copyrights: the full rights to all episodes and all its full contents belong to the producers of the show and/or of the dvd's.

This blog is an educational service, providing an opportunity to study the Columbo actors & actresses, their facial expressions, smoking actors & actresses, camera angles, story development, clothing, jewelry, set decoration, interiors as well as exteriors, cars, paintings, statues & other objects of art, Columbo's ID-badges, police uniforms, guns, knives, murder weapons, files, newspapers, cars, license plates, photographs, television sets, watches, lamps, other props and many appearing cast members and extras. To me personally it's a tribute to Peter Falk and to all who have cooperated in creating this memorable piece of TV history.