30 March 2014

Columbo 49 - Grand Deceptions (1989) part 07

a wide selection out of my collection of 1153 screenshots taken from

Columbo - Grand Deceptions (1989)
Season 8 - Episode 4

part 07/10

 Wind Shore Apartments

 448 DBZ


part 08/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Robert Foxworth; Andy Romano; Janet Eilber; Stephen Elliott; Michael McManus; James Lashly; Lynn Clark; Bennett Liss; Milt Kogan; Christopher Titus; John William Gibson; Lee Arenberg; Stephen Quadros; Rick Marzan; George J. Peters; Carolyn Carradine; Norma MacMillan; Charles Gideon Davis; Randy Lee Troyer; Dana Vitatoe