28 March 2014

Columbo 51 - Columbo Cries Wolf (1990) part 05

a wide selection out of my collection of 1448 screenshots taken from

Columbo Cries Wolf (1990)
Season 9 - Episode 2

part 05/10


part 06/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Ian Buchanan; Rebecca Staab; Alan Scarfe; Mark Margolis; John Finnegan; David Huddleston; Deidre Hall; Jeanne Wolf; Gigi Rice; Ralph Wilcox; Peter Zapp; Morgan Jones; Darrell Kunitomi; Daphne Cheung; Kendra Booth; Paula Trickey; Rainell(e) Saunders; Matt Flynn; Tom Moses; Michael (Mike) Masters; James Willett; Gil Newsom; Bee-Be Smith; Jimmyy Ortega; Primo Lopez; Sandra Wild; Alicia Gilbert; Cameron; Craig Hosking; Farrell Mayer; Laurence Grant; Bill Edward Rogers; Luis Delgado; George Chavez; Bruce Kirby