21 March 2014

Columbo 56 - Columbo Goes to College (1990) part 05

a wide selection out of my collection of 1148 screenshots taken from

Columbo Goes to College (1990)
Season 10 - Episode 1

part 05/10


 448 DBZ

 carriage inn - no cigars or pipes

part 06/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Stephen Caffrey; Gary Hershberger; James Sutorius; William Lucking; Katherine Cannon; Alan Fudge; Maree Cheatham; Bridget Hanley; Jim Antonio; Steven Gilborn; Guy Stockwell; Robert Culp; Les Lannom; Elizabeth Swackhamer; Karl Wiedergott; James Ingersoll; Dick Balduzzi; Robin Bach; Gregg Rogen; Morgan Jones; Jane Alden; Noel Conlon; Frank Farmer; Laurence Haddon; Larry McCormick; George C. Simms; Aaron Seville; Alf(red) Powers; Shauna Steiner; Jeremy McCollum; Troy Shire; David Cowgill; Robert R. Ross Jr.; Anthony (Tony) Beninati; Mary Angela Shea; Casey Van Patten; Darren Scott; Mary Maldonado; Charles D. Miller