15 March 2014

Columbo 60 - Columbo - No Time To Die (1992) part 01

a wide selection out of my collection of 1672 screenshots taken from

Columbo - No Time To Die (1992)
Season 11 - Episode 2

part 01/10

part 02/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Joanna Going; Thomas Calabro; Dan Butler; Doug Savant; Daniel McDonald;
Daniel Davis; Lance LeGault; Juliet Mills; David Byrd; Don Swayze; Donald Moffat;
Patricia Huston; Cliff Emmich; Beth Chamberlin; Siobhan McCafferty; Stack Pierce;
Yvonne Farrow; Richard Assad; José Rey; Tom Marvich; Gary Hollis; Darnell Harrison;
Mark Alan Kaufman; John Brennan; Kelly Nelson