16 May 2014

Columbo 22 - Publish or Perish (1974) part 01

a wide selection out of my collection of 828 screenshots taken from

Columbo - Publish or Perish (1974)
Season 3 - Episode 5

part 01/10

 480 AVC

part 02/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Jack Cassidy; Mickey Spillane; Mariette Hartley; Jacques Aubuchon;
John Davis Chandler; Gregory Sierra; Alan Fudge; Paul Shenar; Jack Bender;
Ted Gehring; James Sikking; Vern Rowe; Lew Palter; George Brenlin; J.S. Johnson;
Maurice Marsac; James Millhollin; Maryesther Denver; Davis Roberts; Rocky Frier