20 June 2014

Columbo 20 - Candidate for Crime (1973) part 01

a wide selection out of my collection of 921 screenshots taken from

Columbo - Candidate for Crime (1973)
Season 3 - Episode 3

part 01/10

part 02/10 is available HERE

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Peter Falk; Jackie Cooper; Joanne Linville; Tisha Sterling; Katey Sagal; Ken Swofford; Robert Karnes; Jay Varela; Vito Scotti; Regis Cordic; Sandy Kenyon; Jack Riley; Mario Gallo; Jude Farese; Clete Roberts; Angelo Grisanti; Lew Brown; Don Diamond; James G. Richardson; Bill Andes; Lucille Meredith; Larry Burrell; George Conrad; Mike Lally; Davis Roberts; Dianne Travis